Introducing KhepinUpdateBundle

I had a little issue with Symfony2, every time a new version is released, there is a super convenient way to update your current version:

  1. Download the vendor-less version
  2. Extract the deps and deps.lock files to your project root directory
  3. Run ./bin/vendor update

All is fine until you start to have a few of personal bundles managed through the deps file. Then you have to carefully merge your own files with the new Symfony2 ones.

Since I don’t really enjoy this tedious work, I created a small “UpdateBundle” that does the trick for you.

It adds a command: “deps:update” that will merge the current deps and deps.lock with the new ones contained in a zip file at the root of your project. So you can download the Symfony2 vendorless distribution as a zip file, put it at the root of your project, run the command and be sure that:

  • All the bundles you took the time to manually add are still there
  • You have the latest version of symfony

Right now the bundle comes as is, has no tests whatsoever and has only be tried by myself. You can find it here:

I’ll add tests to the bundle later. (Mainly when I understand how tests work for the command line. Not very successful so far!)

Maybe I’ll start maintaining a zip file containing just the deps and deps.lock for symfony’s latest version available online and improve this bundle so that it can directly fetch the online versions, thus saving one step.

For now, you can use it “as is if you want to”.

3 thoughts on “Introducing KhepinUpdateBundle

  1. Hello,
    This looks interesting, thank you :)

    Btw, do you plan to references your bundle(s) to ? It’s really a great way to expose more of your work and to centralize all the good bundles.

    • Oh, I just realized that you already did that, sorry… (I searched for “KhepinUpdateBundle”, not “UpdateBundle”…

      You’re even cooler then ! ;)

    • Yeah, I think there’s nothing to do to index yourself on, it automatically crawls github in search for bundles.
      I am not sure what the correct name policy is though. I think it should actually be named KhepinUpdateBundle. Will check later.

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