Symfony book: “Extending Symfony” available

Just because this blog was not updated with much Symfony content for quite a while doesn’t mean I stopped writing about it!

In fact I’m happy to anounce the immediate availability of Extending Symfony 2 Web Application Framework (also available on Amazon).

It is a hands on approach to discovering all the ways you can extend the framework in order to benefit from advanced capabilities, have cleaner better separated code and or share your extensions in a re-usable fashion.

The 6 chapters lead you from simple creation of Symfony services all the way to creating doctrine, forms and security extensions and how to share them with the community. In details, the chapters are:

  1. Services and listeners
  2. Commands and templates
  3. Forms
  4. Security
  5. Doctrine
  6. Sharing your extensions

The first chapter is available for free if you want to have a peek inside.

4 thoughts on “Symfony book: “Extending Symfony” available

  1. Hi! I’ve started to read your book! I’m currently at the tag chapter and so far so good!

    Except for the injection of the request service : Request is a value object, and shouldn’t be a service, nor it should be injected directly. The problem isn’t just conceptual: what would happen in the case of a subrequest?
    Because of this, the request service will be removed in 3.0, and is deprecated in 2.4 (I know you treat only 2.3 in your book, but still).
    To access the request, you can use a container of request: The RequestStack!

    A good side effect of this: container scope will no longer be needed :) .

    More information:

    • Hi, thanks for being the first (known to me) reader of the book! It’s always a decision to make on how to treat things in the book. When I started writing it, Symfony 2.4 was not yet released, so I wrote for 2.3.
      Everything however should work on both 2.3 and 2.4.
      A technology book like this one can only capture the best practices at one point in time since it’s targeting a moving platform. You’ll see also that in 2.4 there are ways to deal with custom authentication that are easier than what is in the book (although in some cases the complexity explained in the book is needed).
      This is great news though, relying on the request, was always a broken and painful thing.

  2. Congratulations on the book! Good thing it’s on Amazon too — I’m queuing it as the next book for my Kindle. :)

    Just because I’m curious about book writing; how long did it take you to write this?

    • Hi Tobias, it took me roughly 5 months from the first contact with the publisher to the book being actually published. The last few weeks weren’t that much work as it’s mostly in the technical review and production process.
      During the writing period, I worked on it 3 hours every morning before going to work.

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