Symfony Blogger Feed

There used to be a feed (RSS) maintained by Sensio that aggregated all the feeds of publicized “Symfony Bloggers”. People would go post their blog’s feed here: http://trac.symfony-project.org/wiki/SymfonyBloggers and then their feeds would be auto-magically merged into the “Symfony Blog Quotes” feed. This tool was of great use to me. I read most of the posts (when in a language I could speak!) and learned a lot.

Sadly this went down a few months ago. I took the whole list of feeds on that page. Checked all of them and eliminated the ones that didn’t return a valid feed or didn’t exist anymore. I kept all the others even if not updated recently.

All of them are now part of a public feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/sfbloggers . I’m only concerned that Google Reader (which is used in the back to publish this feed) seems to sort last posts in the order it fetched them rather than publish date which means that the posts prior to today are not shown in the right order. So this post serves two purposes: testing that it updates correctly. And publicizing it.

If your blog’s feed is not in the final feed and you would like to add it, send me a message by email, github (@khepin), twitter (@khepin), in the comments here, or wherever you want! You can also fork this github repository add your feed to the feed_list file and send me a pull request.

Hope that this will help spread the discussion on Symfony especially as I think a lot is needed as many of us are still getting our hands at Symfony2!